My Personal experience for Tax Saving mutual funds

There was a golden time when I started investing in tax saving mutual funds. I got lots of returns and save taxes. Initially I avoided it, but some investment advisor suggests me about tax saving mutual funds. Finally, I understood and start investing by help of a financial advisor. With tax saving funds three tax slab, one is the 10% Slab, under this slab tax saves Rs.15, 450/- Second is 20% slab, under this slab tax saves Rs. 30,900/- and the third is 30% Slab, under this slab tax saves Rs.46, 350/-. I invested in 30% slab under section 80c and saved tax. Don’t wait anything start investing in Tax Saving Funds online in this financial year.


  1. Good to know about your experience with income tax saving. It seems like it is time I also start with it. Soon I will be sharing my experience with you. Investments have always been scary for me. I don’t know how to use the money properly. I fear, will end up putting myself in trouble.


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